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422 Agency

Impressions of Beauty

The Problem

Build up the confidence and trust between potential sponsors and potential members of the organization.

The Approach

Design and develop platform that offer unique bipartisan support for the facilitation of sponsors and awareness for potential members.

Development Details
  • I leveraged the latest Gutenberg editor capabilities to create scalable WordPress editing experiences
  • I used HTML, CSS(SCSS), JavaScript, jQuery, and PHP to build a completely custom front-end theme using the power of the WordPress.
  • I used HTML, CSS(SCSS), JavaScript, jQuery, and PHP to build custom blocks granting the content managers the ability to manage content with Gutenberg editor and place content however they please without having the ability to write code.
  • I extended the core functionality of WordPress with HTML, CSS(SCSS), JavaScript, jQuery, and PHP so that content managers can manage event listings using custom blocks and other functionality from the WordPress core.
  • I developed custom menus so that content managers can control the navigation as they please.
  • I wrote logic to automatically crop images and format text on the front-end as content managers populate content.
  • I developed custom logic with PHP and SCSS so that content managers can list jobs and they format and behave accordingly.
  • Manage code base in private Git repository.
  • Development
  • UX Design

Impressions of Beauty is committed to connecting multi-cultural college women to beauty and lifestyle brands through engaging on-campus sampling, events, impactful student programming and influential digital content.

The Results

I was able to provide a refreshed website that restored the confidence of potential sponsors and members. The CMS was set up so that team members could update of the website without knowledge of code or even contacting me.