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State of the 1DX Mark ii

Chances are if you are a Canon using photojournalist and you don’t own the 1DX Mark ii, you are saving up for it. Rumor has it that the 1DX Mark iii Is set to be released in January 2020, although the Mark ii was released in 2016 it is still listed at $5500.

When the Mark ii was released it was ahead of its time and to this current date I think it is with the current times. The extremely fast auto focus, 10 frames per second and weather sealing still give it the edge as an flagship sports camera. With many phototogs eager to move on to the 1dX Mark iii I figured i’d spend some more time with the Mark ii. When the Mark iii is officially released, naturally I expect the price for the Mark ii with drop tremendously and for me, it still gets the job done for me on this end. Below are recent images take with the 1dx Mark ii.